Sunday 25 September 2011

Daily Life in the Peace Corps

From Day 1 of service, a Peace Corps Volunteer will be told that "cultural integration" is a large part of your job as it increases one's safety and understanding. Thus, as I am organizing calabash design classes for women as an income-generating activity (see 'My Peace Corps Projects'), I decided to take classes myself!

Note: The calabash is a fruit that is not eaten, but rather utilized in many traditional ways, such as a drinking bowl. In this case, the calabashes are carved, painted, and sold/given as traditional wedding presents!

Calabash design artist, Haowao, teaching me how to cut my calabash

The finished products! Don't ask me why this blog/internet published this photo side-ways

So by day, I take calabash design classes and by night? Well, I go dancing with the members of my micro-credit cooperatives of course!

Breaking it down with 4o-year-old Cameroonian moms!

Yes, this is a baby in a bar. C'est la vie!

Friday 2 September 2011

And This Is Peace Corps Life...

Came back from vacation to water that looked like this...

And a sunset that looked like this...

Peace Corps life. Can't help but love it.