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Trying to get away or get ahead?  Let these deals and promo codes help you!

Contiki Holidays: Travel for 18-35 Year Olds: Planning a vacation and don't want to deal with a the planning? Traveling by yourself and like to meet other young professionals? Contiki tours organize itineraries for you with a range of excursions for a customized experience.  Get $100 in free excursions by contacting me here.

Remember Forever Photography: These folks taught me everything I know about photography! Their fun and interactive fun photography courses can take you from knowing nothing about a DSLR camera to operating in advanced functions in just one workshop. Get 25% off by e-mailing me here.

Lyft Rides: The Lyft phone app provides for a friendly, affordable ride whenever you need one. Request a ride and pay with a donation to your everyday neighbors. Get a free first up to $25 here

Uber Rides: The Uber phone app allows users to request, ride, and pay all with a mobile phone (no cash necessary!) and do this all in a luxury car. Get a free first ride up to $20 with code: 0uj26

Project Management Academy (PMA) Courses: The Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam is a globally recognized professional certification in project management, a skill set tended to be honed by travelers! For those studying for your PMP Exam, PMA provides nation-wide in-person and virtual classes with a full-money back pass guarantee. Get $100 off the registration fee of any class with code REF100 and e-mail me here.

*Disclaimer - These deals and promo codes are for use at individual discretion and are subject to change.


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