Monday 31 December 2012

The Donkey Show - New Years Eve in Boston

Yes, you read the title of my blog correctly.  I spent this past New Years Eve at the Donkey Show!

The Donkey Show can be best described as a combination of two facets: 1) a disco party full of glitter, confetti, and dancing and 2) a modern-day theatrical adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream!

Beginning as an off-Broadway show by Diane Paulus and Randy Weiner, the American Repertory Theater now runs the disco hit at the Oberon Theater in Cambridge, Massachusettes. Every Saturday night a magical performance plays into the night!

For this last night of 2012, we walked in with mardi gras masks, top hats, and make up in tow.  The performance began with not a theatrical show, but with disco dancing! The classic hits from Aretha Franklin and other 70s stars played while performers skated around and audience members danced.   

In the middle of dancing, the lights went low, music stopped, and all of a sudden, the drama began!  The complicated plot line was full of love, laughter, jealously, and many melodies along the way.  With the formal performance ending a few minutes before midnight, the dancing started back up again while we counted down to the New Year (with complimentary champagne of course!).

Here's to 2013 and another Donkey Show soon!

Thursday 27 December 2012

Disney on Ice!

I like cheesiness.  I like deals. I'm also a sucker for good promotional ads!  The lastest ValPak mailed to my home had a $15 holiday coupon for Disney on Ice.  With the TD Garden being across from my work, how could a girl resist?

The two-hour showed went through the main Disney classics like Aladdin to more contemporary works like The Incredibles (how old I felt for not knowing the latter!).  Though we were mostly surrounded by primary school-aged children and younger, it was still an enjoyable performance for kids of all ages!

My only advice, Disney?  Show more Stitch! :)