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  1. Hi, Krystina!

    This is Christian Sumalinog, and I am writing to you regarding your article on the Nyem Nyem Festival in Cameroon.

    We have a strong high school alumni homecoming held annually in my hometown Leyte in the Philippines. It is an event where classes since 1965 up to present compete with each other on assigned themes by the host class.

    In next year's celebration, the host class (Class 1992) chose the theme World Famous Festivals. Our class (Class 2003) was assigned to present the Nyem Nyem Festival of Cameroon. I saw your post in April 2012 about the festival and was looking to see if you have more pictures to share or videos of the festival that we can watch to see how it can be best portrayed. The festival is not as easy to research on as the other festivals so this is a little challenging for our class. We don't have an idea on how the music sounds and how the dance movements should be.

    I hope you could help us especially that you have been there and was able to observe the festival first hand.

    We would gladly appreciate any information that you can share with us.

    Thank you in advance!

    Christian Sumalinog

    My email address is

    (For some reasons, the message box on this page doesn't allow me to send the message when I hit on send so I had to post my message as a comment instead.)

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