Saturday 25 July 2009

The Best of Boston

I was lucky to awaken to such a beautiful and sunny day in Boston after yesterday's dreary rain! Brit and I headed off to the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour in Jamaica Plains.

Tip: Get to the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour early! We arrived at 11AM and waited for the 11:40AM tour. If you come later in the afternoon, you might even be turned away. And know that it's not so much a tour, but a very fine tasting!

We first took part in the Beer Lover's Challenge, in which we could vote upon next fall's new flavor. I hope Sam Adams Pils beats Sam Adams Ale! Surprisingly, beyond receiving the tasting, the brewery also provided us with free 7oz. glasses as souvenirs. Good stuff!

We had the opportunity to try three different types: regular ale, summer ale, and a new research beer. The tour was a treasure as our guide was hilarious. Somebody asked "How many glasses of beer to do you drink a day since you do these tours?" His response was, "I wish that you would stay out of my personal life!" He would also give us toasts, such as, "Here's to everybody celebrating a birthday this year!" Ahaha, just a couple jokes amongst many!

Brit and I enjoying the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour

We headed off to the Prudential building as everybody told me I had to see the view. However, it was $12 for the observatory tour and/or one would have to buy something at the Top of the Hub restaurant. As I already saw the Bunker Hill view for free, this seemed quite unnecessary. Thus, we grabbed lunch instead!

Tip: If one shows his or her CharlieCard to the Prudential Building Customer Service Booth, one will receive a 10% discount card off most stores in the building!

The Boston Public Library was normal, but did provide a good children's photography exhibit downstairs. It also provided a chance to charge a camera battery!

We headed back to the Boston Public Gardens for a photoshoot where we ran into a man playing a guitar singing, "She got divorced and then she left me too!" Oh, geez.

On the world's smallest suspension bridge

Established in 1837, the Gardens were a creation by philanthropist Horace Gray. He petitioned for the land to be the first public botanical garden in the United States.

First statue ever built of George Washington

We walked through Commons to walk to the North End. There, one can see seals right outside the Aquarium! So cute! We soon met up with Brit's friend, Evona, and headed to the Hatch Shell for the free outdoor Beach Boys concert! Although the show started at 7PM and we arrived at 4PM, there was already a huge crowd present. We soon saw why as when I looked onstage, the Beach Boys were there themselves performing!

The Beach Boys!

We staked out a good patch of grass until the show and met the nicest Bostonians, a nice, older woman named Marilyn and some college students who came prepared with cookies, cheese, mojitos, and even a cutting board for cheese! Preparation.

On the bank of the Charles River, the sun set in front of the bowl-style stage. The Beach Boys concert was amazing to say the least; we spent two hours singing and dancing to all the greatest hits including "California Girls." Even John Stamos came out to play and perform "Forever" from the show "Full House."

After the concert, we walked by the bar featured in the comedy "Cheers" and headed off to The Living Room. We spent the night relaxing with some other "young professionals" and ate some delicious fried tempura avocado and dumplings. Eventful day, Boston!

At The Living Room. Height order was not on purpose and is not to scale!

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