Friday 18 June 2010

The Peace Corps Whirlwind!

WOW. It has been a little over two weeks and life in Cameroon has thus far been a complete whirlwind. I easily lose track of days and life is now here in Bafia, a large town by Cameroonian standards and a village by American standards. Pictures to come, but here is a quick glance at life right now:

-I live with a host family of five and am fully immersed into the culture. Water is taken from a well or forage when the water gets cut off.
-I have my own kerosene lamp when we lose power - already at three times this week!
-The Peace Corps Trainees lanced ourselves in the finger to make a malaria slide. And yes, it hurts.
-We met the U.S. Ambassador in the capital city of Yaounde and had dinner with her. Pretty sweet.
-An African Bassa dance group traveled over 800 miles to perform just for the PCTs. It is amazing the admiration and respect the Peace Corps name holds over here.
-The locals love us - I have two marriage proposals and counting.

The internet clock is winding down at this cafe - hope to post pictures soon! And if anyone wants to send me hand sanitizer, I will love you!

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