Monday 7 February 2011

Ngaoundere, Cameroon a.k.a. My Life

I recently hosted two American Fulbrights who are completing their fellowships in Cameroon. Immediately upon arrival, they received my “Must Do” list in Ngaoundere:

-Hike Mt. Ngaoundere

-Explore Lamido Palace (2.000CFA)

-Shop at Petite Marche

-See the University of Ngaoundere

-Watch a soccer/football game at the Old Stadium (1.000CFA)

-Photoshoot at Lac Tison, a volcanic crater lake

-Observe the Friday prayer at Mosquee Alhadji Garou

-Get a personalized stamp made

Here are photos of the volcanic crater lake, Lac Tison, 9km out from my post.

Lac Tison, Ngaoundere, Adamawa Region,Cameroun

I am truly lucky.

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