Friday 22 July 2011


When I came to Cameroon as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV), I expected that I would not return to the States with anything that I came with. Though extremely careful and watchful, I was completely right.

Let's just say somehow and someway, the following electronics disappeared from my life in the past year:

-External harddrive
-Laptop computer
-And new to the list, digital camera!

What do you do then? As it is too risky to send expensive materials by snail mail, you rely on the friendliness of the "Peace Corps post system" (i.e. random PCVs/Americans traveling back and forth will bring you your latest electronic goodies).

Thus, a PCV on vacation brought over a new external, a new Peace Corps Trainee packed my laptop, and a good friend who lives in my region was luckily home when my camera took a dive. Thus, this post isn't really about Yaounde's rebuilt's actually one of the first pictures that I took with my 12.1 megapixel, 14x optical zoom Cannon! Pretty, no?

Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium a.k.a. "Omnisport" sits 40,000+ people. You can squeeze in another 10,000 if you want to stand Cameroonian-style!

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