Monday 7 November 2011

Fete du Mouton a.k.a. Eid Al-Adha a.k.a. Festival of Sacrifice/Sheep (Part 2)

And the celebration continues!

After eating another delicious sheep meal at my counterpart's house, we headed off to the Lamido Palace. The Lamido is the traditional chief here in Ngaoundere and though the palace isn't too large, the shows during the holidays are very grandiose!

Crowd waiting for the show to start with everyone wearing traditional Muslim clothing

Traditional music

Faces in the crowd

The Lamido, Ngaoundere's traditional chief. To salute him,
you must fist pump with both hands!

The "Fantasia" horse show

Adorable kids in their party outfits

Later that evening, I had, yes, meals at three more houses! Though I naturally have a small appetite, I was able to pass on some food to the little guy below.

Bonne fete!

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  1. That horse show looks bad ass. Nothing like a meal of lam before the lamido festival.