Monday 25 June 2012

Behind-the-Scenes: Making a Vampire Movie in Cameroon

When my buddy, Biya, asked me to act in his film, how could I say no?  In my eyes, there would be no better way to wrap up my Peace Corps experience than to star as the heroine in a vampire movie!  This was also not just any movie.  This was a grand production of the "Who's Who?" of Ngaoundere's artistic outlets.

The movie premise?  As I put on makeup in the bathroom of a nightclub, I see the vampires approach the dance floor.  I run out to save the nightclub goers and stake the vampires.  Unfortunately, I myself die in the process.  It's a goodie!

Unfortunately, the timeline of the film is on "African time," so I really will never know when it gets finished.  Until then, all I have are these behind-the-scenes photos and videos until the world premiere of "Easy Blood."

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  1. That picture slaying the vampire really brings this post together. Glad there are good images to share and be sure to post the video if you ever get to see the final product!