Thursday 2 August 2007

Day 9: Crystals, Munich and More...

Ryan (our amazing tour guide) surprised us once more! On our way to Germany, we stopped by the Swarovski's headquarters--home of some of the most beautiful crystal collections in the world. There's even a pretty sweet zipline outside the headquarters!
Crystals at Swarovski headquaters. Fancy!

Another stop we took was to Camp Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp. It was a very powerful experience nothing short of intense. We saw the barracks where people would have to sleep (sometimes up to 10 people in each) and even more ominous, the gas chambers. An incredibly moving experience and pictures will not be posted due to obvious reasons. As we got back on the bus, we listened to "The Sunscreen Song" which caused some people to cry. Very touching.

Once we reached Munich, I had to try some bratwurst. The girls and I
went shopping down Tal Street.

Tip #6: Try the grapes at the sidewalk fruit stands! They're so full and delicious!

We had a delicious dinner at Hofbraubraus along with a folk culture show. Downstairs at the beer gardent, we met a girl from Baltimore and a guy from Turkey (so random!). We also had some 14-year-old Italian boys hitting on us. Haha. That provided a good laugh! We ended the night with more clubbing, of course! At Cult Fabric (sp?), there are about 30 nightclubs stuck in a run-down, but vibrant district.
Club Willentos and all its glory!

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