Friday 3 August 2007

Day 10: Prague--I'm Liking It!

I had no clue what to expect from the Czech Republic, but only really that it was beautiful. Of course, the #1 tourist attraction was Prague Castle and its guards.

Prague Castle

The city's cobble stone streets, along with its classic views, make it timeless.

I think this belongs in a Contiki travel brochure!

I shouldn't have done this. Notice Guard 1 giving me a death glare!

Ashley, Zach, Nikki and I ate the most delicious dinner at Hotel U Prince all for a fantastic price of no more than 15 euros.

Tip #7: Do NOT ask for split checks or really special requests in this country. The waiters will be angry and might as well eat you alive.

Sunset in the middle of Prague

At Nightclub Coyote, there are 5 levels of dancing--no euros and of course, no id check!

Tip #8: The metro closes at 12:30PM, so you should be ready to take taxis! Also, they like to "bargain" their cab prices over there, so just make sure that the meter is on and that you pay that price.

Very nice, Prague!

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