Sunday 4 November 2007

Chicago, Anyone?

Some of the best and most memorable travel adventures are the ones that happen spontaneously; for no other reason but "just because."

Veronica : Yeah, I'm looking at Grad Schools right now. I'm thinking the University of Chicago.
Krystina: I've always wanted to go to Chicago!
Veronica: Really? Do you want to go? I want to visit the school.
Krystina: Uhh...okay!

And with STA Travel providing flight deals of $200, we were off to Chi-town in about 3 weeks.

November 3rd
I leave my internship at 3ish and deal with traffic on a typical Friday afternoon in LA. Arriving at the airport at 5PM for a 5:30PM flight, I set off the security check and have to have a special inspection since I'm so late. Great way to start my weekend in Chi-town.

I arrive around midnight and meet Veronica at our hostel in Lincoln Park, Arlington Heights. Yes, a hostel in the States is NOT one you want to be staying at. Enough said.

We took a short walk around the neighborhood as it was right by the Children's Hospital. Eating at the local "no-name" diner (a term I use for the late-night diner where the food and service aren't great, but you're so hungry that you just don't care), we got our taste of Chicago and its hospitality. Hmmm....normal! Off to bed before a big, busy day!

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