Monday 5 November 2007

Jampacked in Chi-town!

Chicago has too much to experience, so only with a weekend here, Veronica and I power-traveled all over this city!

We took the train downtown to start off at the must-see in Chicago: the Sears Tower! The tallest building in North America at 1450 feet, the building obviously provides a magnificent view!

Standing in the tallest building in North America!

Tip: Walking around downtown is nice as there are lots of good photo-ops.

Outside the Chicago Theater. Classic pic!

We ate at a BJs (sometimes food from home is just nice) before heading off to Millennium Park. With world-famous architecture and statues, the 24.5 acre park provides more than a fair stroll for tourists and locals alike.

Random kid that ate lunch with us! Emily's adorable! (not pictured: Parents off to the left).

Wrigley Square in Millennium Park. Gorgeous!

Some people call it a "bean" or a "peanut" but actually probably the most famous Chicago icon is "The Cloud Gate."

The Cloud Gate. Another dimension one would say?

The Art Institute is of course, beautiful. Small, but the works in it are fantastic. I especially enjoyed the photography exhibit by Richard Misrach entitled "On the Beach."

Our shopping consisted of going down Miracle Mile and then visiting the Water Tower Place, an 8-story mall, on Michigan Avenue. It's no Mall of America, but damn, it's still great! There, we ate pizza with the one and only, Mr. Gary Lee!

The train was still under construction, so we took the bus down to Wrigley Field. I hate maps because I used to not be able to read them, but after travels after travels, you must learn to love!

Lincoln Park has a great nightlife, but beware: you must be 21 and they are strict! Speaking my talk, I was only able to get into about 50% of the bars, but hey, we were still able to hop the hop!

Tip: If you are underage and would like to get into bars, the best places to try are Irish pubs--they really just don't care!

Nice job, Chicago! On to tomorrow!

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