Friday 29 May 2009

Glen Ridge, New Jersey

Before moving to New York City, some time was spent in the little town of Glen Ridge, New Jersey! Greg, another traveler who I met in New Orleans, came all the way from Brooklyn to help me carry my bags. Taking the NJ transit was only $5 to reach thirty minutes outside of New York City, but apparently that is expensive! Go figure.

Although the weather was sprinkling, Glen Ridge seemed to have beautiful homes that look like they came straight from the 1950s. They were so nice that I made the mistake of assuming the Glen Ridge Public Library was another gorgeous home!

We had dinner at the local hotspot of Nevada Diner in nearby Bloomingfield. The little dinner actually provided a tasty chicken quesadilla and a good egg cream milkshake. Note: Make sure to ask for the vanilla milkshake!

Nevada Dinner quesadilla

Back at the parentals' house, I learned to play the bass (i.e. I used the bow to make somewhat of a sound) . Onto tomorrow and my Glen Ridge To Do List!

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