Monday 12 October 2009

The East Coast Childhood Experience

Today provided an outstanding New England childhood experience that is recommended for all children and those at heart!

After accidentally sleeping in until noonish, Max and I headed off to our fun-filled day at March Farm in Bethlehem. While waiting for our hay ride, we roamed around one of the two pumpkin patches. The following picture describes the surprises and smiles by children we saw!

One of the many adorable kids with the HUGE pumpkin!

The hay ride proved a bit bumpy, but took us to the apple-picking farm. There, we found ourselves picking and eating every few steps. The favorite: the Macoun apple! Crisp and smooth, the apple proves a sweet treat!

Tip: The best apples are the ones at the top as they lie untouched and overlooked from others!

On the hay ride with all the kids and families

The "great lengths" we had to go through to get the best apples!

After filling our bag with apples, we headed into the Corn Maze. Eventually getting lost in the five acre maze, we decided to run like the wind off the trails! Scary corn maze.

Lost in the corn maze!

After the visit to March Farm, it was time for a more grown-up activity - wine tasting! At Haight-Brown Vineyard, one can taste a dozen wines for only $15 including chocolate, cheese, and a glass to take home! Sounds good to me!

The vineyard provides a variety of red and white vines including its specialties only available in Litchfield, Connecticut. My personal favorite was their Honey Nut Apple. Blended with honey, the light white wine tastes better than its name with its fruity flavor! Ironically enough, the wine utilizes apples grown from March Farm.

Wine tasting at Haight-Brown Vineyard

To finish up the day, we headed to downtown Litchfield and actually ran into Max's mom taking a walk by Litchfield Law School, the first law school in the United States. We soon headed back to Stratford to jump on the train home.

Litchfield Green Church - Arguably the most photographed church in New England

The leaves were falling and then air was crisp. Thanks for the great weekend, Connecticut!

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