Monday 24 May 2010

Pre-Peace Corps Prepations

During this process, I have scoured through several Peace Corps blogs for a wealth of information. It seems that each volunteer felt overwhelmed with nervousness and excitement during their final weeks before jumping on that airplane. Though I am right there with them, I find my thoughts are much more unconventional from the norm.

Thoughts during my last week:

1) If
packing had an Oscars, I'd be Jack Nicholson

After logging over 75,000+ miles since 2007, I've got packing down to a beautiful art form. After a test round, the next two years of my life can b
e put together in just 80lbs (see picture below).

Everything I'm taking with me!

Keep in mind that there is a full-size sleeping bag, a quarter ream of paper, and a plastic bowling kit in there. I told you. I'm good.

2) I really wish I had a donkey

There are three types of transportation a Peace Corps Trainee/Volunteer can receive: a mountain bike, a canoe, or a donkey. Unfortunately, I am receiving a mountain bike. After being fitted at a local bike shop, I am a size 13 - woohoo! I wonder what size canoe I would have received?

All bicycle-riding PC members must also wear a helmet at all times, otherwise, they will become "administratively separated." As I hate hat hair, I really wish I had a donkey.

3) I love my Swiss army knife!

Swiss army knives today can be trendy and chic. Mine is flat like a credit card, perfect for any girl to slip into a purse. Finally I have a reason to own a Swiss army knife and am pretty stoked about it. Next up will be to own my own machete.

Useful, light, and chic - perfect for any PC female!

4) Should I pack my Santa hat?

Having a petite head, it was always difficult to find a Santa hat with a good fit. While studying in France, I found the most fitting hat with snowmen decorated on it. As I will unfortunately be missing Christmas in the States this year, should I pack my Santa hat? Or is this too ridiculous to bring?

To bring Santa hat or not to bring Santa hat?

As one can see, I have some things to figure out.

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