Wednesday 6 October 2010

Locks in Cameroon: 3, Me: 0

I got locked out of the kitchen this morning. The door wasn’t locked, but rather the door was jammed. Why was my kitchen door closed? To muffle the sound of the CD shop blasting Katy Perry at 7AM of course.

Unfortunately, the bathroom is past the kitchen. And the knob wouldn't work, even after I tried to hammer it off. So, no breakfast or using the bathroom. Thus, I went off to MC2 to help my neighbor with information on opening a savings account.

Luckily, Luc the Locksmith loves me and came over at lightning speed right after I called him. He probably loves me because I give him so much business. See balcony post directly below as he replaced the balcony lock. And see post why-is-my-front-door-being-driven-away.html

Moral of the story: buy the most expensive locks possible!

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