Friday 3 June 2011

So I Guess We're Not the Newbies Anymore...

Every year in early June, Peace Corps Cameroon welcomes a new training group of Education and Small Enterprise Development Volunteers.

Chosen as Host PCV a.k.a. “Greeter”, I will be co-welcoming the 43 new trainees. What does this entail? I’ll be part of the team that welcomes them as they first step onto Cameroonian ground and will help take care of all the little details before they move in with their host families. It’ll be five days of answering basic questions (‘Will I have electricity’?), assigning them LOTs of paperwork (Visas, homestay questionnaires, etc.), and prepping them for their PC service!

It's incredible how fast the first year went by. Bucket baths are normal, I have enough pagne dresses (i.e. Africa fabric) for a fashion show, and I can actually speak French now. Crazy!

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