Wednesday 5 October 2011

Daily Life in Cameroon

Since the beginning of this blog, I wanted to focus on travel and the adventures that came with it. Thus, I've always written about that one-in-a-million exciting event and the once-in-a-lifetime trip. Let this post; however, be just a glimpse into the everyday, no biggie part of my life here in Cameroon.

Hail for the first time in Ngaoundere in years! Everyone ran so fast and it sounded like my tin roof was caving in.

Little Seurah, my next door neigbor! This is the coloring book you sent over Mom! She loved it though we had to talk to her about sharing habits (or lack thereof).

My neighbor making cous-cous Cameroonian style. She is sifting the corn before mashing it and turning it in a cauldron-like pot.

"I love my country, I love peace!" Let's hope this holds true for the
national elections in a few days

Buying oranges right outside the market. You can't see the baby attached to her back, but the little guy is there!

I always buy garlic and onions from this neighbor who is always preparing some type of food regardless of the time. Here she is cracking open the Cameroonian version of sunflower seeds.

C'est la vie.

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