Saturday 11 February 2012

Miss Ngaoundere Youth Day Beauty Competition

Welcome to Youth Day! And most importantly, welcome to the Miss Ngaoundere Youth Day Beauty Competition*!
Held at Alliance Francais, this year was the first Miss Ngaoundere Youth Day competition. They asked me to help out, but unfortunately I was meeting with the Governor when the pre-competition training occurred. It looked like the contestants didn't need help though as they were all-stars!

Beyond the typical sportswear, evening gown, bathing suit, and Q&A portions, there was also a "traditional outfit" portion where the girls wore clothing from their respective villages. Have a look!

Contestants showing off their village outfits

Congratulations Miss Youth Day of the Adamawa!

*Note: As a former beauty queen, I can say that we much prefer the term beauty competition in lieu of beauty pageant!

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