Sunday 28 October 2012

Chunky's Movie Theater, Pelham, New Hampshire

An impromptu trip led me to the small town of Pelham, New Hampshire for the night.  Kevin Bradbury, worked as a "boom guy" (film language that I still don't understand after years of living in Los Angeles) for a short movie and off we went to the premiere!

Chunky's Cinema & Pub is much more than a movie theater.  In my opinion, it's what every movie night should be: an experience.  Here, clientele sit and socialize at tables while eating dinner before the film even begins.  Ice cream sundaes while relaxing in larger-than-life-and-comfortable recliner chairs from Lincoln Town Cars?  Yes!

The admission prices of this small-town theater stay low at $5.75/matinee and $7.50/evenings (half the price of Manhattan ticket prices!).  It was the premiere of Thirty Minutes to Salvation, a short about "breaking generational curses and choosing your destiny."  I was never a movie critic, but I'll just say that the room was packed and the director's wife discussed the parallelism of the movie to their own lives; that for me was the deal breaker as once things become real, I become interested!

An hour outside of Boston, the Chunky's experience is well worth it and the first trip to New Hampshire was a thumbs up!

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