Friday 17 October 2008

Nice is nice!

After four trains and six girls later, we finally made it to the French Riviera! As each girl arrived, we quickly ate at Fast Food China, your typical mom-and-pop inexpensive, but good eat restaurant.

We took a walk down Jean Jaures to the Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art (MOMAC). Not surprisingly, Nice is full of fountains and is quite quaint!

Middle of Old Town Nice

Surprisingly; however, my new favorite museum would have to be the MOMAC! With its multiple floors, the art is refreshingly presented and organized well. The building's architecture sits with Carrara marble towers that are linked with glass footbridges. The roof, which provides a magnificent view of the city is appropriately called the Jardin d'Eden (Garden of Eden). Beware though as Andy Warhol's works are heavily advertised, but there might only be one ("Dusty Diamond Shoes").

A temporary exhibition by Richard Long was arguably the most exciting! The British-born artist utilized a variety of forms from photography to painting. His works typically embody a response to his journeys across environmental spaces.

Richard Long's "Whitewater Falls"

Richard Long's "An Eight Day Walk in the Cairngorm Mountains"

Perhaps the most beautiful view of the Nice can be seen from the rooftop of the MOMAC. Of course, we held another photoshoot!

From the rooftop of the MOMAC

After walking around Old Town (which is beautiful at nighttime just as it is in the day), we had a delicious outdoor dinner at Le Pub Opera. The weather was fantastic and it was nice to have a ladies night out!

Eating outside at Le Pub Opera

Afterwards, we went to the only bar in town catering towards backpackers: Wayne's! Each night, the bar is packed with travelers and is the place in town to listen to music and dance on tables!

Wayne's Backpackers!

We barhopped to Blue Whales, another venue for live music, where we sat up close and personal to the stage. Before the night ended, Pauline, Julia, and I toured Nice at night. Apparently, the television show "High School Musical" is as popular globally as it is in the U.S.! Good night!

We all love "High School Musical"

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