Sunday 26 October 2008

Salut, Lyon!

Frederica took off to Paris and Julian told me to wake him up whenever I was leaving, even if it were 7AM! Thus, I did! Marco was quite sleepy and sent me off with a "Bon voyage!"

We headed off to the Museum of Beaux-Arts where one can find everything from Egyptian to Modern Art. The museum's temporary and permanent galleries surround the public g
arden and serves as one of Europe's leading museums.

Of course, the museum was free for students! In fact,
everything tends to be free for students in Lyon. Love it!

Pablo Picasso of course!

Julian really feeling the art piece!

At the train station, I tried to catch the early train with Pauline, but unfortunately, it was sold out. Hence, I went off and introduced Julian to Subway sandwiches to which he loved! Further, a woman came up to us asking where he got the sandwich as she went to Montreal and fell in love with Subway. Nice!

His first time eating Subway!

At the train station, I though the trains were terribly backed up (it's France of course!), so I just waited for the late train. I thought a conductor was trying to explain to me that French trains are sometimes late, but then I realized that it was Daylight Savings Time! So, I waited ANOTHER hour!

Listening to some great jazz, meeting the mayor, couchsurfing, not paying for anything, and spending time with some great French students...what more do you need?

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