Saturday 21 February 2009

The Infamous Bourbon Street

The Burbank Airport provides an easy check in as the airport is ridiculously small! I had a small layover in Salt Lake City where I apparently fell asleep eating my Sbarro lunch. Luckily, Becky Johnson soon joined me!

View of the Wasatch Mountains

The second we landed at Louis Armstrong International Airport, a banner greeted us with the words, "New Orleans: We're so jazzed you're here!"
After the $30 flat rate taxi to St. Vincent's Guesthouse, we headed straight to the French Quarter! And so the Mardi Gras adventure begins!

As parades occurred earlier in the day, the trash left behind littered the city. Luckily, the cleaning trucks quickly came.

Tip: When you see the cleaning trucks after the Mardi Gras parades, get out of the way! Otherwise, you'll be soaked with cleaning solution.

At a no-name street shop at Bourbon, we picked up Hurricanes and went back outside to the crazy madness! Bourbon homes restaurants, bars, and strip clubs and is world-renown for one of the craziest night spots in the world. During Mardi Gras, this eight-block section of the French Quarter becomes shoulder to shoulder crowded with crazy antics occuring in the streets and off the balconies.

The craziness of Bourbon Street

Being young girls, beads were just randomly thrown and given to us; all we did was look up and smile! If there was a particular bead strand one wanted, he or she would have to scream for it. A man and woman yelled at me to "show something," to which I responded, "Sorry, I only flash my smile!" My response was so loved, I received a blug dog stuffed animal!

We walked up and down the street laughing at the ridiculousness! We soon started to get picky and only chose the special beads with symbols or medallions. Coming home with about fifteen beads, I made it a goal to reach three dozen beads by the end of the trip. AND I didn't flash anything but my smile. Love it!