Thursday 19 March 2009

Oh, Spring Break...

We "slept" in today until 10AM. That's a revitalizing four whole hours of sleep!

We went to grab the Purdue boys that took the Isla Mujeres cruise with us the day before. From a coupon ad, we headed off to Plaza La Isla to visit Diamonds International. There, they gave away free "diamond" bracelets (i.e. gold with one tiny little diamond on the dot of the "i"). I loved it nonetheless!
Happy with my new bracelet

The others decided that it would be a good idea to take a stroll along the beach instead of taking the bus - here we go! We did acquire some free coconut juice from some locals though. They found it hilarious watching us trying to break open the coconut.
Enjoying the free coconut juice

We headed to the Oasis Hotel, MTV's official hotel where they held a daily Beach Bash. It was an hour and a half walk, but I actually liked it! It helped that we could stop and take a little dip in the Caribbean Sea along the way.

Visiting the Oasis's beach was not a problem; however, to actually attend the party, one would need to pay $25. I was able to walk in okay, but Swastick was stopped. He yelled after me, "You need to pay!" and thus, the security guard stopped me as well. The cute guy next to me and I couldn't believe he ruined it! Haha.
We somehow managed to be allowed in anyways and watched the rap contest. Looking around, I was surrounded by ALL guys! Sketchy!
MTV Spring Break Beach Bash

We swam in the ocean a bit and headed back on the bus to the Clipper Club. Options for the night:

-Ladies Night @ Basic Discotheque
-Ladies Night @ Bulldog's
-Caribbean Carnival Cruise with the Purdue boys

Carnival Cruise it was! At the tour, there was another group of Purdue boys! I spent the rest of the night talking to Monil and Aansh. Our emcee, Fernando, was VERY spring break as he just loved to yell obscenities. Haha.
We went back to Isla Mujeres for dinner and the show. The show was actually quite boring, so Monil and I spent the night discussing how they should just let everyone go up on stage and dance!

Isla Mujeres audience

The sisters won the wet t-shirt contest - of course! Haha, still we just wanted to dance! The $66 wasn't really worth the cruise, but hey, it's one time at spring break!

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