Sunday 29 August 2010

Complete Cameroonian Immersion

Fellow Peace Corps Volunteer Andrea DeRocco and I decided to visit Ngaoundere's number one attraction: the Lamido Palace.

With an official PC letter, we were actually let into the Palace for free and given the opportunity to meet the Lamido (the traditional chief). We received a tour of the paintings and buildings and as it was Sunday morning, the officials came together for their weekly meeting. Nice VIP service!

Inside the Lamido Palace

Meeting the Lamido, the traditional chief

Afterwards, I went back to the center of town as I promised, Malyse, my buddy at the supermarket that I would let her do my hair. We bought extensions (yes, extensions) for 1500CFA ($3US) and sat outside for three hours listening to Westlife while I fully became Camerounaise!
With my Cameroonian pagne and new braids!

Later that night, Dali, one of my neighbors took me on a spontaneous tour to meet everyone in the neighborhood of Tongo Pastoral. We spent about 10-15 minutes with each neighbor as everybody complimented my hair! Good day of integration I must say!

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