Saturday 21 August 2010

Why is My Front Door Being Driven Away By a Motorcycle?

After coming home from buying some necessities for the apartment, my keys got jammed in the front door today. After jiggling for about ten minutes, the security guard of the Capcol bank below me tried his luck with the keys to no avail. The director of the bank saw the situation and went to grab some motorcycle oil to grease up the lock. No go.

So luckily, the director called up his buddy locksmith as I waited outside with my tomatoes and broom. Within fifteen minutes, he showed up and smashed open the dead-bolt with a hammer. "The lock is broken," he said.

After giving him 5,000CFA (~$10) to buy a new lock, I went upstairs to clean up a bit. I heard a loud pounding downstairs and when I arrived, my door was gone! I looked out to the street and the locksmith was on the back of the motorcycle carrying away my door away.

"What's happening?!" I said. "Ca va, ca (It's fine, it's fine)," said the security guard. So I sat in front of the 6 foot-tall hole in front of my apartment..

After half an hour, my door and lock was perfect! C'est Afrique as the saying goes!

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