Monday 30 August 2010

Typical Cost of Living

Per a friend's suggestion, this post will be dedicated to the approximate prices of everyday items here in Ngaoundere. It must be noted; however, than albeit the supermarket has fixed prices, basically everything in Cameroon is negotiable.

5 carrots: 100CFA/$0.20US
Moto ride (~10min): 100CFA/$0.20US
Basil to last me a week: 100CFA/$0.20
5 medium-sized tomatoes: 200CFA/$0.40US
250grams (1/2lb) of spaghetti: 250CFA/$0.50US
Glass of Castel beer: 500CFA/$1US
The Laughing Cow Cheese: 800CFA/$1.60US
Bath mat: 800CFA/$1.60US
1 kilogram (2.2lbs) of beef: 2,000CFA/$4
Steak Dinner: 2,000CFA/$4
Cameroonian soccer jersey and jacket: 4,500CFA/$9US
Material, personal design, and tailoring for an outfit: 5,000CFA/$10US
Really basic cell phone (text/calls): 11,000CFA/$22US
Monthly unlimited internet: 25,0000CFA/$50US

Interesting, no?

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