Saturday 4 September 2010

IKEA! Where Are You?!

Almost everything in a new Peace Corps Volunteer’s life is a challenge. Take away the microwave, refridgerator, washer, dryer, car (and electricity/running water/internet for some) and lump that on top of no English, stepping outside of the house is an adventure! Today’s mission: furniture!

Well, I must first clarify that furniture isn’t a one-day mission. In this PCV’s case, it was a three-week mission. As there’s no IKEA, what’s a girl to do? Design her own furniture of course!

On August 21th, my counterpart and I went off to the carpenter for :

  • A simple couch
  • A desk with a drawer and chair
  • A large table for the kitchen (serving as an island – I love islands)
  • A kitchen stand for various pot/pan storage

Let me sidetrack you for a bit: Here’s a picture of fellow Adamawa PCV, Andrea Derocco, on my awesome green rug I bought August 26th:

Andrea rolling around to flatten out my rug in my empty apartment

I spent three separate occasions waiting for the furniture to be delivered but because of rain and well, general uncertainty as the culture is here, the apartment still sat empty. However today, after two weeks of waiting the furniture arrived!

I asked for a simple couch. This is what they thought was simple.

More pictures of the finished apartment soon (not sure when that will be. Again, general uncertainty in this country).

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