Monday 6 September 2010

The Things I Do Just to Vote for My Old School District Board Members

Expats. We live halfway around the world, but the lengths we go through to vote at home! Sometimes though, being a world away does make one appreciate the right to vote.

I had filled out one of those absentee ballot request things online. Well, I may have filled it out twice as there’s one for absentee voting and a different one for absentee voting overseas. Once an Orange County resident fills out the absentee voting overseas request, he or she can download paperwork to 1) mail, 2) fax, or 3) scan, e-mail, and then mail back to the States. As mail can take three weeks, I would not have enough time for option number one. Thus, I went on a hunt for an international fax.

Luckily, next to the Peace Corps office in Ngaoundere, MTN offers international calling (for only 10cents a minute!) and international faxing. Too bad the fax was broken. After random instructions of some other places that may fax, I decided to scan. Too bad they don’t have .pdf like the election papers require.

I’m e-mailing it anyways. Crossing the fingers that I can vote!

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