Thursday, 18 November 2010

Traveling to Belel: Slight Inconvenience

9:30AM – I head off to the Narral Voyages bus agency to go to Belel, a village 120km from Ngaoundere, to visit fellow PCV, Andrea DeRocco. I buy my ticket and wait for the bus to be full of people before it can go

11AM - The Narral bus finally leaves and we’re on our way.

11:20AM – The car/bush taxi gets stuck in a ditch on the side of the road. I proceed to make friends with a young mom.

The bus stuck in a ditch. C'est la vie.

12:45AM - The men finally finish pulling the car out of the ditch and fix the tire. Off we go!

1:30PM – Quick, random stop so men can push the car and then all of sudden the engine works again.

I like this juxtaposition between kids, car, and cattle

3PM – The car stops so Muslims can prayer. A Cameroonian tells me we are one hour away from Belel. Car continues after twenty minutes.

4PM – The car picks up more people including a fellow PCV. Another Cameroonian tells me we are one hour away from Belel.

6PM – We finally arrive!

The journey one must go through to travel in this country!


  1. Yes, but it was worth to visit Belel ;-)

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