Sunday 7 November 2010

Wedding Ceremony Time!

I got invited to a wedding ceremony, so it was an appropriate time to wear my fanciest pagne! Well, I wasn’t really invited directly; a friend’s friend didn’t want to go alone (just like the singles table in the U.S.), so I came in to save the day.

Prom pagne shot!

Cameroonians place a high standard on the shoes that you wear and I accidently walked out of my house in my tall flip flops. The boys saw my shoes and asked if I wanted to change – how embarrassing! On came the heels.

Ibrahim and me waiting for the ceremony to start

The wedding ceremony was considered to be a mix of modern and traditional. Not wanting to cause too much attention to myself (being American and all), Ibrahim took my camera and took the following photos:

The bride and groom receiving gifts

Wedding cake!

Delicious wedding food!

I think my favorite part was at the end. It’s Cameroonian culture to start things late and things get going slowly, but man, everything after the ceremony was a blur! Kids ran around pulling chairs to clean up and EVERYBODY pushed themselves into pictures with the bride and groom – it was hilarious! Great for the bride and groom and though as I’m sure that they felt like celebrities! Even the photographer would take a picture of us, give the camera to someone else and then jump in the picture too – good night!

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