Thursday 31 March 2011

Chute de la Vina

After living here for seven months, I decided to go search for the waterfalls that apparently exist in my town. We call my moto driver (No, I don’t have my own chauffeur – he’s just a guy I can trust!) and he says 4.000CFA for two people to Chute de la Vina is just fine. Unfortunately, he has no clue where it is!

After inquiring a few other motos that pass, we find Hanzel, a nice and knowledgeable Anglophone Cameroonian who knows the way. I call my other moto guy, Adamo, who is ridiculously kind as well and accepts only 2.000CFA as he’ll take one person.

So with the eight of us ready, off we go!

The Chute de la Vina is apparently only 15km out from my city; however, Hanzel wasn’t too sure of its whereabouts either. I was convinced that it existed in a fourth dimension until we found some local village boys that led us back to a bridge…the same bridge I had been on when lost trying to find Lac Tison a month earlier! Last time, we had no clue we were sitting on waterfalls, but today, all we need to do is turn a corner and voila! There lies the waterfall!

With my awesome moto drivers

After slipping and sliding down rocks and dirt, we discover an underground cave beneath the waterfalls. With the mist of the falls in front of us, we proceed to do a photoshoot!

Chute de la Vina (Vina Waterfalls) on the way to Meiganga, Adamawa

I ask Adamo if he wants to take me back as I know he’s only receiving 2.000CFA, but he wants to see the volcanic crater lake of Lac Tison too. Allons-y! (For photos of Lac Tison, please see February postings!)

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