Saturday 26 March 2011

Muslim Wedding Time

I didn't really know what to expect out of a Muslim wedding in a Cameroonian city. In fact, when it comes to many cultural events, you as a Peace Corps Volunteer will usually be very confused. However, the confusion won't make any event any less fun.

The groom was the little brother of my neighbor, Mariamou, who lives right behind my apartment. She is currently hosting an American SIT study abroad student, Ashley. Also invited to the wedding were two of my favorite PCV buddies, Ben and Andrea.

With the whole world at Mariamou's house, we were quickly shuffled out to Mariamou's husband's car to go to the neighborhood of Joli-Soir. There, we entered a house and did what I've quickly become accustomed to in this country: sit and wait.

After an hour or so, drums could be heard outside and we all piled out. The bride and groom stood for photos while the drummers played away. Tradition: Give money to the bride and groom and that allows you to dance!

My buddy Dali, pulled me to dance with her, Mariamou and some other local women.
I thought I was done until the best man came up to me and said that I had to dance again with my friends. Next thing you know, the four of us foreigners are center stage doing the "fist-pump" with the groom to the cheers of the Cameroonians!

The night ended with playing the Cameroonian version of "Sorry" with Mariamou's twelve-year-old son crushing everybody else. Good night!

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