Sunday 5 May 2013

Mammoth Caves National Park

On our way back to Nashville from Louisville, we stopped by the Mammoth Caves to see what else, but the the mammoth-sized caves!

Mammoth Caves National Park is over 400 miles long and is the world's longest cave system.  Taking a cave tour will lead you 200 feet below the Earth where you'll find miles of stalagmites and stalactites and waterfalls during rains. Apart of the Green River in south central Kentucky and established in 1941 as a national park, Mammoth was definitely a highlight of the Kentucky Derby trip! Who knew?

Taking the New Entrance Tour at Mammoth Caves - gorgeous!


  1. Was the rain slicker required because moisture dripped from the cave ceiling or were you still wearing it from rainy weather outside?

  2. Moisture dripped from the ceiling! The coat didn't make for great photos, but sure kept me dry :)