Sunday 22 June 2014

Pisac Market, Sacred Valley, Peru

If you happen to find yourself in the Sacred Valley of Peru and need to do some shopping, head no further than Pisac! A small Peruvian village at the Willkanuta River, Pisac holds a large market every Sunday and is well-known for its ruins that sit atop a hill. Just an hour and a half from Cusco by bus, it's worth a stop over on your way to Ollantaytambo or even just an afternoon trip.

For anyone looking to alpaca meat, head on over to the street of Calle bolognesi. Ayahuasca Arte Cafe is not only delicious, but credit card accepted and TripAdvisor approved!

A note for travelers is to take it easy given that Cusco is 11,150 foot above sea level meaning that altitude sickness affects up to 70 % of people. That night, that statistic included me!  At about 36 degrees Fahrenheit, I woke up freezing cold with shallow breathes. Bundling up with another jacket significantly helped, so make sure to stay warm, drink plenty of water, and take it easy to acclimate!  
Lindsey Dattels and me exploring Pisac from the Mercado to the Ruins

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