Tuesday 31 July 2007

Day 7: Adventures in Austria

Today's adventure knocks out another line on my life list of things to do: WHITEWATER RAFTING! Although only Level 2, we all definitely had a great time on the 11 rapids. It really did hit me as I was floating down the river that I was really here in Austria, whitewater rafting, without a care in the world...

Whitewater rafting with Feelfree!

We definitely had a gorgeous guide (of course!) along with some goulash soup and what else? A shot of vodka for success!

The girls and our awesome guide! (who, as I was sitting on the front of the raft, decided to purposely push me in!)

Completely exhausted, we headed off to Contiki's own gasthof in Tyrol. We relaxed for a bit that night before giving business to the Silver Bullet Bar in the local town. This excursion and the Moulin Rouge have been by far the best!

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