Friday 27 July 2007

Day 3: Swiss Time in Lucerne

Switzerland: The land of chocolate and army knives. Friendly people and secret bank accounts. We walked across the famous Chapel Bridge and man, did I want to swim Reuss River! The water was so absolutely clear.

The Reuss River. Once I find a partner in crime, I am coming back to swim here!

Later that night, we watched a yodeling
show and had some delicious fondue.

The greatest part of the night was going to Club Adagio. It has a beach theme and they actually bring sand into the club, so you can dance barefoot! Nice for the girls as we didn't have to deal with those cute, but hurtful shoes.

Not too shabby, Switzerland! I like it.

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  1. waaaaa... so cool. you traveling the world? huh.

    that place is so beautiful! i like that river picture. with the swan. huh. so beautiful.