Thursday 26 July 2007

Day 2: Playtime in Paris

The first full day in Paris was FULL of sweet stuff and surprises! At the Louvre, a group of us looked at the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and of course, had a photoshoot by the Inverted Pyramid that Tom Hanks ended up at during "The Da Vinci Code."

The Louvre and its beautiful architecture

Tip #3: Don't wait hours in line at the main entrance of the Louvre. Facing away from the museum and pyramid lies a large arch that leads to a basement. Save time and take the underground steps to enter The Louvre through the "secret" entrance.

We hit up Notre Dame again and touched Point Zero, the center of Paris. Legend has it if you spin around on it, you'll return one day!

Twirling on Point Zero to return to Paris!

After a fantastic lunch (with nutella and bananas on crepes, of course), we went shopping on Rio de River--definitely bought some cute clothes at the Paris H&M!

The best surprise occured at night when the whole group was taken to the Moulin Rouge! A dancer swam around with boas from acquarium that randomly popped up from underground, acrobats stood vertically head-to-head, gorgeous people wore gourgeous outfits--definitely a good time!

The ladies of our Contiki group before Moulin Rouge

A group of us ended the night clubbing by the Bastille! Although Latin Quarter was a hot spot, we hit up a local night club, Club Wax, with no cover and alot of American music!

Dancing the night away at Club Wax

Good times! I will miss you, Paris! As I have spun around on Point Zero, I will return again and perhaps live here!

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