Monday 30 July 2007

Day 6: Venice and Its Pleasures

We've been sleeping no more than 5 hours each night. I usually go to bed around 3AM and wake up at 7AM-I wouldn't have it any other way!

The boat ride to Venice took about 20 minutes and the city is just spectacular. Perhaps the fact that it lies underwater makes it even more beautiful in its own way. I'm not a fan of pigeons at all, but St. Mark's Square just wouldn't be the same without them!

Bridge of Sighs, St. Mark's Square, and The Bastille

I bought another shot glass at the Rialto Market to add to my collection as I have one from each country I visit. Venetian glass is classy as predicted and very affordable. We even watched a glass blowing show where a craftsman made a snail from hot glass in less than 2 minutes! Very skillful.

Venetian glass at it's finest

Tip #5: Try the coconuts juiced with water from the fountains! They're not that tasty, but you just shouldn't resist the experience.

Of course, one cannot visit Venice without a gondola ride! Apparently though, not all gondoliers sing. It is illegal unless one has a certified license and a professional accordion player with them. It's all part of Italy preserving its culture! Again, our amazing tour guide presented us with champagne for the ride!

Yay for gondola rides and champagne!

As our hotel was way outside the city, it was a stay-in night for the crew and me. Not to worry, the girls and I played, let's just say, an "interesting" game of Hot Seat! For those that don't know, when it's your 2-minute turn, everyone can ask you questions about anything. Everything is free game and you must answer honestly. GOOD TIMES!

Spectacular Venice at night...

Venice, I will return and visit your museums when I have enough time to do you justice!

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