Saturday 15 September 2007

Day 2: The Interview, But More Importantly....Painting the Town Red!

On Fridays, you can tell exactly who is interviewing and who actually is employed by Target. All the employees come in business casual, while all the interviewees sit in the lobby in business professional.

The interview process was actually quite interesting--we had overviews of the company, took a few tests, went on a tour, and only sat in two interviews for half an hour each. I know that we were being judged the whole time, but regardless, Target seems like a great company to work for! After the interviews, they treated us to a Target Happy Hour where I met with Sara Lopez and Ken Tamura--both recruiters. We'll see what happens!

Afterwards, the night began with a few of the other interviewees. Onto the fun!

At the Metro station--barely missed the first train!

Mall of America! Check off the "Life To Do List"

Tip: Make sure to ride Paul Bunyan's Water Log Ride! (A water ride in the mall!)

The Mall of America's own min-Legoland!

After doing a quick practice run in the Mall before tomorrow's power shopping, (I was able walk the first floor in about an hour), we headed off into Minneapolis's nightlife. I didn't think it would be so good!

Chino Latinos! There's no sign for this restaurant/bar-you
just have to know about this local hot spot.

Mmm...sushi! Thanks for dinner, Target!

We spent the rest of the night laughing while enjoying a great meal and drinks at Chino Latinos. The interviews were over with as people had a great time before their flights the next day.

Minneapolis is actually a great city for young people--the average age is only 30! A great night to end the interview with. The best thing about travel-going by yourself and then enjoying the night with friends!

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