Saturday 1 September 2007

Rosarito, Mexico! Woo!

For Labor Day Weekend, Steven Anaya and I took a lil' trip south of the border! We left late Friday night, so props for not running into traffic.

Today we went to explore Rosarito and walked around the town. We ate chicken tacos at the most delicious outdoor taco stand.

Delicious! Just look at them!

Senor Frogs, anyone?

After shopping (of course), we relaxed at Club Iggy's watching the entertainment under the Mexican sun. It was hilarious watching people complete their dares, like stealing boogie boards and then sand surfing on them.

Steven and me enjoying the show on the beach

Warning: Beware of the "Tequila Men!" They will blow a whistle and force Tequila down your throat if you're not careful!

Poor Steven got hit with a tequila shot!

Gorgeous sunset...

That night, Steven made me a delectable steak dinner on the barbeque above his beach house. It was a delicious dinner to be had as the sun set over the ocean. Romantic!

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