Sunday 16 September 2007

Day 3: Mall of America - Meet Your Match!

One of my goals in life was to not only visit the Mall of America, but to finish it. All of it. Meaning I , single-handedly would complete shopping in the mall from top to bottom. Speaking with everyone throughout the past two days, from my shuttle driver to a local student attending the "M", nobody thought that I could complete it in one day. Oh, how wrong they were!

But let's start at the beginning of the day, shall we?

Target provided a tour of the city that morning. We met at 8AM, but it was well worth it! What I love about Minneapolis is that not only is it truly a metropolitan for young people, but it's unique in that you're always safe and the people are ridiculously nice!

Downtown skyline. Skyscrapers AND trees? My eyes must be playing tricks on me!

Famous "Spoon and Cherry" sculpture in the 11-acre park!

Mississippi River. Have never seen it until now!

The tour was quite interesting as we saw everything, including Mary Tyler Moore's old house and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. We even went to the other "Twin City" of St. Paul. More historical than Minneapolis, it definitely is the the more traditional city in architecture and atmosphere.

After the tour and final goodbyes to everyone, I packed up and pumped up for my goal of completing the Mall of America! It was already 11AM and I had a flight at 8PM. Clock is ticking! 11.1 acres. It's own zip code. 500 stores. Bring it on!

With the warm-up last night, the first floor was a good one! It's a brilliant layout really. Unlike other malls, each time you take a turn in the mall, it leads you to a new spot. Hence, you just get lost and keep on shopping!

I definitely spent a good hour in a quotes store. I'm a sucker for that!

I love this!


It was challenging because there were definitely multiple Victoria Secrets and Abercrombie & Fitches. I kept twisting and turning into the same stores!

But, long story short, I completed the WHOLE mall, all FOUR floors in ONLY 5 1/2 HOURS! Take that non-believers! It IS possible to finish the Mall of America in a day!

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  1. wow, That is quite an accomplishment, especially for such a gi'normous mall. I think I'll be a burrito... today.