Friday 14 September 2007

Minneapolis--Nice First Impression!

At the Monster Diversity Leadership Conference in July, I had the great opportunity to network with some fantastic recruiters and employees from various major companies. From the weekend event (which I highly recommend every undergraduate to attend), I met Sara Lopez of Target. A fellow alum, she contacted me a couple months later to fly out to Minneapolis and interview with the company. Obviously, I dropped everything and flew out a couple weeks later!

At the airport, I first exchanged my leftover Euros to dollars. Wait, I go to Minnesota, so I must first exchange my Euros to American money in Los Angeles? My life is random....

Yeah, Target!

Fanciest Radisson I've ever seen! (And I know a thing or two about Radis)

Ironically, a fellow DLP conference participant, Mark Diment, flew out for Target 's interview as well! The moment we met up, we obviously did what we do best--eat!

Classic "I'm at the Hard Rock Cafe" Pic

My delicious steak dinner. Thanks, Target!

The city was cold, not going to lie; however, the people were ridiculously nice and although a big metropolitan, Minneapolis definitely provided safe streets. Good first impression!

Off to bed for a big interview tomorrow!

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