Sunday 16 March 2008

Day 2: Hikes on the Reservation

We were awoken with Pink's "Let's Get it Started" - I am definitely NOT a morning person! Today proved worthwhile though as we hiked and explored the Navajo reservation.

Our first stop was the 16 Room Ruins which served as the starting block for our group's bonding. The Anasazi ruins were one of the first Navajo ruins to ever be photographed. By sliding down the cliff (yes, we slid down cliffs because we're that hardcore), we all connected as we cheered one-by-one for each person. We walked past huge stick branches helping each other along the way and hopped up and over rivers. The crazy sand winds almost blew me over, but what a good time!

The 16 Room Ruins: A classic example of Anasazi ruins

We then made our way over to the Sand Island Petroglyphs, a riverside flat where Southwest Indians carved drawings into the rock cliff. The primitive masterpiece contained the hopes, dreams, and fears of the native peoples. Gorgeous rock art!

Sand Island Petroglyphs. My initials were carved!

After eating lunch in the freezing cold, we headed off to Holyweeten National Park. There, we explored the home of Azasti and the forts of the original Puebloan people.

An old fort at Holyweeten National Park

After we got back, I explored Whitehorse High School a bit. With its tar track and mascots, it resembles a typical public American suburb high school. The night was simple, but memorable; a typical alternative spring break, we played "Mafia" and "Pass the Pebble." It's not what you're doing, but who you're doing it with that makes something fun.

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