Saturday 15 March 2008

Day 1: On the Way to the Navajo Nation

Embarking on an Alternative Spring Break provides nothing less than new friendships, a sense of inspiration, and above all else unpredictable adventure. It may only last a week, but the time you can give to helping others provides a priceless lesson about the world for all involved.

6AM - Crystal and I both overslept, which proved futile as we were each
other's "wake-up buddy." Running to campus, we were both assigned Van #2. Nobody really seemed irascible at arrival, so it was all good! Off to Utah!

At Needles (the absolute boonies of California), our car engine light turned on stating that we had low transmission status. Stuck for an hour, we explored the gift shop with T-shirts stating "I have an STD - it's called children" on one side and "World's Greatest Mom" on the other. Oh, Needles.
Where ARE we?

At the last ounces of daybreak, snow could be seen on the mountains of Utah, quite a sight for us Southern Californians. At Cameron Tree Trading Post, our fearless leader locked her keys in the car - again, another setback.

Trying to get back in our car! Thanks, helpful stranger!

Later on, Discover gave me a phone call stating that somebody in zip code 34241 had stolen the numbers to my card and made a fake (I still had the original). However, they were able to quickly take care of everything as I stated after the transaction, "I love you, Discover!" For the first time, I had the opportunity to taste the famous "Sonic Burger" with a Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Delicious!

Sonic Drive-In - A 1950s style American burger joint!

We reached Whitehorse High School at 12:45AM; it would be home for the next week. What a day of ups and downs, but onto the community work!

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