Friday 11 January 2008

Day 13: The Final Day

I slept in a bit today. Apparently my last English class is canceled? Oh, well, it's bittersweet. After feeding the kids at the orphanage, I said my goodbyes and got pictures with my favorites (Tran and Minh!) and then headed back into town.

Tran and Minh! My absolute favorites

Tip: When buying clothes, one should go to Saigon Square as it's much cheaper than Banh Than.

After seeing advertisements everywhere, I decided to treat myself on my last day to a Vietnamese massage! At the Foot Club, massages go for only $15US for a full ninety minutes head-to-toe! The experience was unbelievable.

1) You receive Loctus tea
and all-you-can-eat watermelon. I went to change and decided to go ahead and undress all the way - why the heck not? The dark, towel blankets were quite warm.

2) After traditional cucumbers on your face (Not on your eyes, but on your FACE), your feet are put in a hot water tub with rose petals floating around.

3) The massuiest started with my feet working all the way up. The technique is quite surprising as they'll tell you to sit up and then will stretch your back by throwing you between their
legs! Crazy!

4) Your arms will be lifted and your body will be swung from side to side! Then every once in a while when your masseuist
feels like it, she will hit you! Be prepared.

5) The coconut oil will feel quite good and the masseuist will always make sure you are warm. Every five feet, someone would tell me where to go. I was definitely treated like royalty at the Foot Club! Even when I went to the back to use the bathroom, people were told to "Shh!" Before I even got to the door, someone had already opened it for me. Wonderful!
The Foot Club - What a fantastic massage!

Walking back in my relaxed state, I bought coconut juice for 8,000Dong from a kid that I saw at least three times on the trip so far. He greatly appreciated it! I also witnessed the side street vendors putting away their products in under ten seconds when the police came - it resembled the same scene I saw in Florence, but this time people went inside their stores instead of plain running. I helped a little local jaywalk - making me feel more at home on my last day.

Of course my sandal breaks on the last and tape, anyone?

I made my rounds saying goodbye to the guy at T.M. Brothers Cafe, Tao at the travel agency, and Chi, Sebastian's friends from the guesthouse. I made my way to the bus station where I finally got my Bahn Bot Loc (so good!) that I waited for only costing me 8,000Dong. After enjoying it at the park, I went I can't wait until I go back to my real home!

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