Sunday 6 January 2008

Day 8: Củ Chi Tunnels...Shooting Targets

Needed a mirror to put on eyeliner today...sorry, lady, I'm really not paying you to use the bathroom, so don't yell at me.

I met back up with Andres today to tour the Củ Chi Tunnels, the base of operations for the 1968 Tet Offensive of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam. An important location for the Vietnam War, the Củ Chi Tunnels served as an underground network of tunnels utilized for combat, communication and supply routes, etc.

Secret trapped door! You couldn't even tell!

Before we reached the tunnels, we stopped by Handicapped Handicrafts-an organization that allows handicapped individuals to build business through artistic means. They are able to utilize their talent for crafts for their own survival. Fantastic!

My favorite included taking egg shells and breaking them into a piece of artwork

Our tour guide sang the two hours up to Củ Chi. He showed up secret traps, while we all explored the terrain. Being a Vietnamese-American gives you quite a different perspective on the Vietnam War as being there tears you in every way. Such a tragedy.

On top of the tunnels and on top of a tank

For the first time, I tried my hands on an AK-47. It has quite a kickback with lots of power, but I assume all machine guns do.

Ak-47 style!

We walked through 60 meters of tunnels--it was so hot! Men lived down in these tunnels for days at a time! We could barely do thirty minutes without needed to get fresh air.

Grown men could barely fit through the tunnels!

Andres and I departed while I explored Banh Thanh Market a bit more. I bought a coconut bowl for 50 US cents and utensils bargained down to 75 cents a piece. It's cheap, but the streets around the market (Lo Lai Street, De Than, etc.) are actually cheaper. Walked down Lo Lai and headed home. Good weekend!

Traditional way of carrying your supplies and food!

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