Tuesday 8 January 2008

Day 10: A Day in the Life

Normal day today. I went to buy water from a stand on Pham Ngu Lao as it's only 7000Dong compared to my usual baker's 9000Dong (that's a whole bus ride!) Checked the internet at T.M. Brothers Cafe.

Tip: Travel agencies are plentiful in Vietnam and internet is free there!

At the orphanage, I fed the children and ate lunch with the female workers. I'm pretty sure they were talking about me, but hey, at least one of them is nice. I took my first nap for a good hour from 12PM onwards. It was nice! Headed off to the Lotteria to apply my makeup and went straight to the School for Disadvantaged Youths at 1:30PM.

After using the internet for a good two hours, I taught my third class the possessive/present simple of have got. There were only four kids, two of whom were really smart. NOTE: They were NOT lazy like the mean school teacher said! The lesson finished by playing hangman of course!

I went back to De Tham where Thao works to use the internet (I know, I know. I'm addicted). The guy here definitely has a crush on me. :) Thao helped me buy tickets to a water puppet show and I met Jerimiah from New Hampshire. It was a chill night, but where does the time go?

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